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Amaretto by Cream of the Crop (14g Smalls) - Strain Review

First Impressions: 8.3/10

Amaretto is an intriguing indica-leaning hybrid cannabis strain resulting from the cross of Biscotti and Dosi Dos. The reviewed batch of smalls boasts larger and denser nugs than expected, with a beautiful purple coloration. Looking back, none of my photos turned out, so I included COTC's below.

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Smell/Taste: 8/10

The fragrance profile is a delightful blend of cherry diesel, zesty lemon, and sweet ripe blackberries. Impressively aromatic for small-sized buds, it entices the senses with its boldness. Upon consumption, subtle floral undertones emerge, adding a nuanced layer to the overall experience.

Effects: 8.2/10

The effects unfold rapidly, delivering a full-bodied high characterized by gentle waves of relaxation that don't induce complete sedation. Amaretto proves to be an excellent choice for unwinding during movie nights or enjoying a late-evening smoke session. Its effects linger for a moderate to extended period, ensuring a satisfying and prolonged experience.

Overall: 8.2/10

Amaretto showcases a compelling combination of aroma, effects, and overall quality, earning it a commendable score. Its robust yet nuanced profile and balanced effects make it a noteworthy choice for those seeking a relaxing yet engaging cannabis experience.

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