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Animal Face by Fig Farms - Strain Review

Animal Face is a Sativa Leaning Strain, bred by Seed Junky grown here by Fig Farms, crossing Face Off OG X Animal Mints. The reviewed nugs were from a 3.5g smalls bag purchased from ERBA Markets in West LA.

First impressions: 9.5/10

Upon opening this bag the first thing that hit me is that these smalls are not small at all. One nug was around 2g! 4 nugs total in the bag. The buds are beautifully foxtailed with bright orange hairs over a frosted lime green interior. They are super sticky, even slightly undercured, but perfect a few days past opening. Testing as follows:

Package Date: 11-16-23

THC: 36.50%

Total Cannabinoids: 44.46%

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Smell/taste: 8.7/10

Sharp lemon/pine with mint, accompanied by slight tropical sweetness. Solid flavor that shows through in the scent slightly more than the taste. Smooth smoke. Nice slow burn.

Effects: 9.1/10

Very strong mentally stimulating headrush that kicks in quickly and builds to a peak over 5-10 mins. Energetic and slightly stoney, this strain is great for a chill day or some time in the sun. Slight mental confusion at higher doses, so might want to start slow! Satisfying and euphoric.

Overall: 9.1/10

Great batch of a great strain, I can highly recommend this one.

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