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Arizer Solo 2 Review - A High-Quality Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Arizer Solo 2 is a popular standalone portable herb vaporizer. I purchased this unit for personal use 2+ years ago, and it is still working very well to date. Wanted to write a full review for anyone considering buying this product.

Build Quality: 9/10

The Arizer Solo 2 is a standalone portable herb vaporizer. The unit is small and easily fits in the palm of your hand but has a satisfying feel and weight to it. It definitely does not feel cheap.

The vape appears to be constructed from aluminum, with plastic buttons, a small LED screen, and an all metal heating chamber. The battery life is great (I charge every 10-15 uses, I'd say) and it charges within an hour or two. The aroma tubes are 100% borosilicate glass, to ensure proper heating and flavor. The glass is fairly thin, but I have yet to have a tube break and they are cheap to replace.

Functionality: 9/10

The Arizer's aroma tubes hold roughly 0.1-0.2g of dried flower, and feature a built in glass screen that mostly limits what you pull through. The controls are fairly intuitive, though I have definitely referred to the manual more than once. You can set your idea session duration, volume, and other settings, as well as your temperature (ranging from 122*f to 428*F).

The device heats up over about a minute (fairly fast, but not the fastest in its category by any means) and holds its heat well, while staying cool to the touch. It delivers smooth, flavorful vapor, and I always find that the material is consistently heated and that none is wasted if the device is used properly. It is perfect for on the go vaping, and even though it may not produce the clouds of a large tabletop vape, I find the experience to be satisfying with just the base setup.

Additionally, I opted to purchase the 14mm adapter aroma tube, which allows me to hit the device through a glass piece. This adds a lot to the experience and is totally worth the $15 or so the attachment costs online. I wish that the device could go a little hotter than 428 for this purpose, but that is leaving the realm of vaporization anyway, so I understand why the device is not designed to go there. Either way, I find that I can get fairly large vapor clouds at max heat through glass.

Value: 8/10

In my opinion, this device is priced a bit high to begin with, though it is worth noting that it is on sale for as much as 50% off a lot of the time. Definitely wait until it is on sale if you can. I would recommend grabbing at least one extra aroma tube, the travel case, and the 14mm or 18mm adapter to get the best experience from your device.

Overall 8.7/10

All in all, this is a fantastic device that does its job as a portable herb vaporizer perfectly. Though a larger chamber and higher heat would be great, it is hard to fault the device when it does its job as well as it does!

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