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BangOrang by Desert Underground - In Depth Strain Review - WestCoastCanna

First Impressions: 7.5/10

BangOrang is a sativa leaning hybrid strain, crossing two classics: Agent Orange and Super Sour Diesel. This jar was freshly packaged (1.5 months) and contains 2 large nugs and 4 smaller ones, filling out the far nicely. They are light green and crazy frosty, with an oblong, fluffy appearance. Cure on this is very dry in my opinion, with the nugs grinding up powdery.

Package Date: 8/29

THC: 32.06%

Cannabinoids: 38.55%

Taste/Smell: 8/10

this strain has a really appealing ripe Orange smell, with a creamy finish. Behind this are moderately strong diesel fumes, and a spicy nutmeg to round things out. Not super loud but a nice energizing smell. The smell translates fairly well to the taste,but you definitely lose some of the orangy sweetness. The smoke is smoother than expected given the cure, but could use a fresher flavor

High: 7.5/10

This one definitely comes on sativa as you might expect from its lineage. It comes on fast behind the eyes with a tingly head rush that leaves you feeling productive and focused. Not much to say for a body high here as it was very concentrated in the head for me. Fairly potent but not overwhelming, this one is good for a break from the workday. Medium duration.

Overall: 7.7/10

This strain has a ton of potential with beautiful Nugs and an appealing smell + lineage, but the overly dry cure makes it hard to love this batch. While I don't have a ton of experience with the brand, I am going to aim for extra fresh jars from them next time, as the price-point warrants a fresh cure.

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