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Biofuel by Hash and Flowers - Live Rosin Strain Review

Biofuel is a Hybrid strain from Hash and Flowers with unconfirmed genetics. I purchased this gram of Live Rosin from a local shop here in LA. Full review below!

First impressions: 9.0/10

As usual, HAF delivers on this strain in terms of color and appeal. This batch of Biofuel rosin is a nice light sand color with a light sheen of terps and has a buttery consistency, even right out of the fridge. Easy to deal with texture. Its hard to find info on their strains, which is a minor drawback. Testing:

Package date: 9-27-23

Grower: Trinity Alps Farms

THC: 75.97%

Smell/Taste: 9.2/10

This rosin is definitely loud, with strong hints of gas, garlic, and lemon smacking you in the face when you get your nose into the jar. The taste is equally potent, with the gas and garlic taking the lead.

Effects: 9.1/10

Biofuel offers a soothing head high. It is euphoric and very mildly stimulating, but with a slight heaviness behind the eyes that sets in overtime. Possibly a good daytime strain for those who are overwhelmed by sativas. Long effect duration.

Overall: 9.1/10

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