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Boasy (Butterscotch) by Blem - Strain Review

We've been excited to try Blem for awhile now, and jumped at the chance to get this Boasy at a good price on sale. Boasy's strain name is Butterscotch, which is an indica leaning cross of Cherry Kush and Durban Poison. With unique genetics, and Blem/Cali Lotus's exclusive status, we are going into this with high hopes!

Boasy Butterscotch by Blem Cannabis Flower Cali Lotus

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First Impressions: 9.3/10

Blem's Jars feature clean packaging and a unique look - though they are a bit sparse in information. This jar of Boasy features one large and 3 medium-sized nugs, which feature nice dense Christmas tree shapes w slight bulbous growth. The nugs are dark purple with a frosting of white trichs and are perfectly cured- still sticky but dried enough to smoke cleanly. Given the high price of this Butterscotch, I expect it to hit all of the marks, and have to say - so far so good. Testing:

Package Date: 11/06/23

Total THC: 32.04%

Total Cannabinoids:32.98%

Smell/Taste: 8.9/10

Opening the jar unleashed a nice sweet dessert aroma with toffee and sugar cookies, taking center stage with slight fuel, vanilla and nutmeg spice behind the stronger sweets. This strain definitely has a unique, mouth-watering dessert profile. Not the loudest strain ever but strong enough. The smoke is smooth and the flavor is equally desserty - like a fresh toffee cookie with vanilla ice cream on top and a few drops of gasoline just for fun.

Effects: 9.3/10

Boasy lives up to its Indica-Hybrid designation, with a strong couchlocking body high, that while not crazy tiring, eased tension and made us feel settled in/ zen. Nice weight behind the eyes accompanied by a euphoric wavy body buzz. It was effective (subjectively) for easing pain and anxiety, and is a great smoke for a calm time at home. Long duration.

Overall: 9.2/10

Unique desserty strain with differentiated flavor and effects.


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