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Cannabis and the Corporate World (P1)

As the events of COVID and the ensuing lockdowns and changes in life occurred, life changed drastically for many of us. There is an overwhelming sense that we are living in a different world for many of us, especially those who had their job situation or even career trajectory affected by that. Tech workers across the company were among the only groups in the country to almost unequivocally walk out of the situation in a more positive situation. This is not an opinion post about the pandemic, the "system," or anything else, just a discussion on the relationship between cannabis and corporate life, and how it has evolved during the pandemic.

As a salesperson during the day and cannabis blogger at night, I feel that I have a relatively unique perspective on this. I work at a Fortune 100 technology company with tens or hundreds of thousands of employees worldwide. Almost all of us work remotely today. Before the pandemic, the requirement was to wake up early, roll out of bed, get ready, get in your car, yell at 2-3 people in traffic while driving to work, struggle to find parking, then crowd into a hot, stuffy building (even though it is 65 degrees outside at 8AM?) to make cold calls and get yelled at.

This is part one of my post series on what it is like to be a stoner in the corporate world.

Now, to pick back up, it is not to say that everything has changed, but at least now my routine looks more like: wake up less early, roll out of bed, get ready, sit down at the desk 1 minute before your first meeting and leave it 1 minute after your last. Not a bad change at all, it has saved us time, money, and stress.

One happy side effect, however, is that there is obviously far less oversight and far more freedom to live life how you see fit (including cannabis use). While before, I found myself more stressed and alienated at work in an environment where cannabis is frowned upon, but cocaine and Adderall are "parts of the industry," I now feel empowered to use my medical drug as I see fit.

While there are plenty of situations where you could potentially make a fool of yourself by smoking before an important event, I want to make the case for the high professional. The high coder who grinds for 10-12 hours a day and should get the relief they want. The faded executives, who manage their territories and expectations with ease. The stoned salesperson, who can smile and dial, smoke, smile some more and dial some more.

Let me know what you think, I know this may just be ramble-y, but it is a great outlet for myself, and I hope someone out there can relate.

Thank you for your time!

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