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Capital Haze by Lumpy's Flowers - Strain Review

Capital Haze is a sativa leaning hybrid strain from Lumpy's Flowers out of the Napa region of California. The strain is a unique cross of Sour Apple Haze X OG Kush which is appealing to all of the senses. This was my second time trying Lumpy's as a brand, and first time trying this strain. Let's dive into the review.

First impressions: 9.3/10

These mylar bags come with a small plastic tray which protects the flower, which is a touch I really appreciate as a photographer. This eighth contained 4 popcorn nugs and 2 small pieces. The buds are beautiful and super colorful, with twisty and elongated growths resulting in a super unique structure. The nugs are cured really well, still super sticky. Testing:

Package Date: 1/4/2024

Total THC: 34.00%

Total Cannabinoids: 40.15%

Total Terpenes: 3.30%

Smell/taste: 9.4/10

Sour green apples mixed with terpinolene haze and a slight fuelly sweetness. I definitely have a soft spot for haze strains and this profile was super appealing to me. The smell is pretty loud, I could smell it when my significant other opened it from a good few feet away, and the smoke is flavorful and fairly smooth.

Effects: 9.2/10

Capital Haze offers a strong head and body high that instills a creative energy and mild euphoria. It kicks in very quickly with strong effects that can be overwhelming, so start slow if you're a newer consumer. This is a great daytime strain and can potentially help with focus and productivity, as well as offer mild pain relief. Long effect duration.

Overall: 9.3/10

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