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Cold Fire X Ember Valley - Power Hour 1 Gram Live Resin Cart - Strain Review - Westcoastcanna

Power Hour is a hybrid strain bred by crossing Oreoz Cake X Now And Laters. It was selected and grown out by Ember Valley here, and processed by Cold Fire, who has been doing great work with their high-quality, true-to-flavor "Cold Fire Juice" 510 cartridges. Full review below!

Power Hour Cart Cartridge Ember Valley Cold Fire Cannabis Vape 1 gram 1g

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First Impressions/Build Quality: 9.5/10

I have mentioned this before, but I love Cold Fire's packaging. It is simple, descriptive, and not overly wasteful. The cart itself is high quality and made of ceramic, and also looks great. As of writing this review, I have had the cart for a little over two weeks and have finished half, with no leakage or clogging to date. I run these at super low voltage and would recommend going below 3.0v if your battery allows. Testing as follows:

Package Date: 4/18/2023

THC: 86%

Terps: 10.8%

Flavor: 9/10

This strain featured a sweet candy flavor profile backed up by a slight creamy taste and a touch of gasoline. While it was not incredibly in-your-face/strong, the flavor was super pleasant and left a mouth-watering sugary aftertaste.

Effects: 9.5/10

Upon inhaling, this cart gave a quick energizing effect, which focused in the head and behind the eyes. Over a few minutes, the high intensified some, remaining mostly in the head with a slightly foggy energy/accompanying euphoria. After the initial fog settled, I found myself focused and ready to get some writing done, which makes this cartridge a nice option as a daytime vape.

Overall: 9.3/10

Excellent cart that checked off all of the boxes for a sativa for me. Flavorful, strong and energizing, this one is a great option for daytime use or social situations. Let us know what you think in the comments below if you have tried this, or any other Cold Fire products!


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