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Creme De La Creme by Team Elite Genetics Strain Review (3.5g)

First impressions: 8.7/10

Creme de la Creme is a straight indica cross of Elite OG and Grandmas Cookies. This batch is super fresh, with a package date of 08/16/2022. The batch tests well at 31.04% THC, with 1.91% Terpenes. Nugs are denser than nova Cane, but still fluffy and are bright lime green and tangerine orange. They are small-med sized with about 8 total in the jar. Cure is perfect.

Smell/taste: 9/10

Strong but not overpowering, this strain has a unique smell profile that is honestly a bit hard to describe (but I like a challenge)! It is really garlic and pepper forward with strong umami qualities. behind this there is a brighter smell I can best describe as an orange diesel, not obvious but it is there and really rounds out the smell. The taste translates well, with a really nice sweet garlic diesel on the exhale. Burns really nicely.

High: 9/10

This strain is extremely sedating. It rolls in over 10-15 mins focusing in the body with a tingle in legs, arms and chest. The head high is extremely calming and puts you in a zen mode that has you ready to head to bed. I think you'll have a hard time doing much other than eat or sleep after smoking this one! Medium-long duration

Overall: 8.9/10

This is a great indica strain by TEG. Really strong and definitely is reminiscent of the Styrofoam cup, but with a much more indica high. Great strain for those who deal with insomnia or trouble eating

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