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Crush by Clarkies - Strain Review

Crush is an indica leaning hybrid cannabis strain from Clarkies, bred by crossing two classic strains, GSC and OG. This reviewed batch was a 14g jar, purchased from Off the Charts in Los Angeles. This was my first time trying Clarkies, excited to dive in!

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First Impressions: 9.2/10

The reviewed half ounce jar of Crush contained 3 large nugs (over 1g each) and a large number of smaller popcorn sized nugs. Very few smaller nugs mixed in, this jar is definitely high quality from the nug size perspective. They nugs themselves are dark purple with a bit of dark green and bright orange mixed in to contrast, and a heavy coating of sticky frost. The cure on this strain is great, maybe a touch dry but it smokes really well. Testing:

Package Date: 1/15/24

Total THC: 34%

Total Cannabinoids: 38%

Total Terpenes: 2.3%

Smell/taste: 9.5/10

Crush has the smell you might exect giving its lineage, mixed with a slight fruity twist. The smell profile consists of fresh baked cookies, gas, sweet mango slices and lemon. The smoke is a touch heavy but super flavorful, definitely reminiscent of old school OGs in that respect.

Effects: 9.4/10

This strain offers a strong and calming high that kicks in fully over 5-10 minutes. The effects sit in the head and body and offers a satisfying zen euphoria that's perfect for an evening in or smoking before a good meal. Slight mental confusion at higher doses, not the most productive strain! Mild pain relief and anxiety calming (subjective). Long effect duration.

Overall: 9.4/10

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