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Cuban Linx by Team Elite Genetics - Pre-release R&D Batch Review

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

First impressions:

Cuban Linx is a sativa leaning hybrid strain, crossing (Triangle Kush X Nigerian Silk) with (GMO/tk X Skunk #1). The pictured nug was a little over a gram and a half, with a fluffy structure contraining dark purple/olive green hues. Really gorgeous flower here, frosted over and visibly resinous. Cure is good, not too much to say there but maybe a touch dry if anything. Could be from transport or me opening the jar too much.


This flower lets off a complex, terpinoline forward smell as soon as you open the jar. The pinesol/terpinoline up front is mixed in with clear, strong diesel fumes that remind me of when I used to smoke in the garage while my friends worked on their cars/trucks. Behind these is a fairly heavy Skunk affect, with slight citrus (orange, lime) and sour milk or cheese finish. The taste matches up relatively well, with strong pinesol and Skunk flavor, and slightly less pronounced diesel taste. Smoke comes across a bit more heavy than I like, but still flavorful.


Strong cerebral effects kick in over the first few minutes after smoking. Pressure behind the eyes is accompanied by a tingling sensation in the chest, arms, and hands, combining into a nice euphoric buzz that is more relaxing than expected given the smell profile. Over 10 minutes, settles more into the head in a giggly, energetic high that is more geared towards fun than productivity due to a slight racy mental feeling. Medium-long duration.


I really enjoyed this strain, with the only real complaint being the heavy smoke/burn. The smell and taste are really unique, and the high is long lasting, and euphoric. Can't wait to get my hands on a rec jar next month to do a follow up with numerical ratings!

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