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Dark Karma by Fig Farms - Strain Review

Updated: Feb 19

Dark Karma is a sativa leaning hybrid cannabis strain by Fig Farms, bred by crossing Dutch Treat and Strange Love. This is a fairly new Fig strain and the 2nd time I have tried it. The reviewed batch was 2 eighths of smalls purchased from ERBA Markets in LA. Read the full review below.

Dark Karma by Fig Farms Legal California Cannabis Strain

First Impressions: 9.1/10

First off, I have to say that this Dark Karma is INCREDIBLY fresh. It had only been packaged for 6 days by the time I purchased it. Great work by Fig's distribution chain, and ERBA's team getting it out on the floor. This eighth of smalls features appealing nugs, which while small are super fluffy and have a nice wide chunky structure. The buds have lime green leaves and contrasting orange hairs and are super frosted and sticky. This bad was cured just about perfectly in my opinion, which is great since most Fig Farms I've gotten lately has been undercured.

Package Date: 01-04-24

Total THC: 34.10%

Total Cannabinoids: 40.65%

Smell/Taste: 8.7/10

Dark Karma offers flavors sweet banana cream, chemical bleach, musk, and slight savory umami. It is not the most in your face, but definitely pungent and interesting.

Effects: 8.7/10

Strong sativa high that kicks in fairly slowly with a creative euphoria and slight bubbly energy. At its crescendo it is mentally and physically stimulating but not jittery or anxiety inducing. Not as overpowering or mentally confusing and some other Fig Strains in my experience. Great for a productive day, getting creative work done, or watching a stand-up comedy or movie. Medium-long duration.

Overall: 8.8/10

A very nice sativa strain that is great for a wide variety of activities. Not quite as powerful and loud as some other Fig strains, but that could be a good thing depending on where you stand.

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