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Doppelgänger by Fig Farms: Strain Review (3.5g)

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

First impressions: 9.5/10

Doppelganger is an indica strain by Fig Farms, the tenderloin pheno of their Purple Fig #2 strain. This is another fresh jar from Fig, with a package date of 8/22 (less than a month from purchase). Testing is great with a THC percentage 35.5%, and overall cannabinoids at 42.42%. The nugs are large and fairly fluffy, though a bit more dense than some of their others. Really pretty flower, cured perfectly

Smell/taste: 9/10

In trying to describe the smell of this flower, there was definitely something different that I was having a hard time describing. Went to Fig farms website and they use the term "stale urine" which, while it doesn't sound appealing, is incredibly accurate. It has a sour stank to it with some slight fruity sweetness behind (strawberry/guava). Really unique and potent. Translates to the smoke with a heavy hit that I definitely made a face while exhaling!

High: 9/10

Unique in that it is definitely indica but not quite sedating - almost a levitating light effect within a few minutes of onset. Calming but cerebral, this one is perfect for an after-work session or a Sunday morning wake n bake

Overall: 9.2/10

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