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Electric Blue by Connected Cannabis Co - In Depth Strain Review

First Impressions: 9.3/10

Electric Blue is a Sativa leaning strain from Connected Cannabis, bred by crossing Blue Dream and Bad Apple. The reviewed jar contained 1 large nug (pictured) and 3 small-medium sized nugs. The nugs themselves are very dense, with dark green, purple and orange hues hidden behind a thick dusting of trichomes. Cure is great, possibly a little bit dry. Testing as follows:

Package Date: 04/25/2023

Total THC: 30.52%

Total Cannabinoids: 35.86%

Total Terpenes: Not Listed

Smell/Taste: 8.9/10

Electric Blue has a great, old school blue dream smell. Really nice and mellow blueberry and lemon scents are accompanied by the slight tart smell of green apple skins. Well-rounded smell, but not quite as loud as I was hoping for. The flavor translates really well, with sweet blueberry coming to the forefront on the exhale. Clean smoke and ash.

Effects: 9.3/10

Upon inhaling, an energetic head change kicks in fairly quickly, leading to an uplifting and highly focused effect. This strain offers a strong head high that raises your heart rate a bit. Energetic euphoria takes over after a few minutes. I would caution those with anxiety troubles to take it slow with Electric Blue. Great as a daytime smoke or to assist with creative efforts! Medium-long effect duration

Overall: 9.2/10:

Really nice blue dream cross that is visually appealing, carries a nice smell/taste, and hits hard in the head.

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