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Euphoria by Jelly Wizard - In Depth Cannabis Flower Review - Westcoastcanna

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

First impressions: 8.3/10

Euphoria by Jelly Wizard is a hybrid strain with unconfirmed Genetics. The packaging is really creative and colorful but lacks a bit in information. The artsy jar is filled with dark green nugs with unique curvy/spiked shapes that appear to be hand trimmed. The flower is well cured and maintained its flavor/profile despite being a bit old.

Package Date: 8/18/22

Total THC: 27.6%

Total Cannabinoids: 33.1%

Smell/taste: 8.3/10

Musky grape + nutmeg/clove spice, with some tropical fruit and lime in the background. Smoke is a bit heavy but still flavorful, with the fruit and musk coming forward and a slight peppery spice on the exhale.

High: 8.6/10

Slow onset with calming effect, kicking in over 5 minutes or so. Slight weight behind the eyes and a fuzzy/euphoric body high that puts you in a zen state. Good for a chill morning session or evening smoke. Medium-long duration

Overall: 8.4/10

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