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Figment x Zeclair #1 by Fig Farms - Strain Review

Figment X Zeclair #1 is an indica leaning hybrid strain by fig farms, bred by crossing Fig Farms Figment (Purple Fig X Animal Mints 199 #4 ) and Umami Seed Co's Zeclair (Cold Heat X Zonuts). The reviewed bag was purchased from ERBA Markets in LA. Dive into the full review below!

First impressions: 9.3/10

These smalls were definitely not small, the bag contained one large nug (1.5g) and 3-4 small-medium ones. The buds have beautiful twisty shapes with sharp pointy ends and a thick coating of trichomes. They feature a gorgeous dark purple and olive-green coloration. Great cure. Testing as follows (these numbers are likely inflated since this batch snuck in before new testing laws came into effect 2024):

Package Date: 12/21/23

THC: 38.70%

Total Cannabinoids: 49.67%

Smell/taste: 8.7/10

Woodsy/earthy, blueberry, biscotti cookies. Not insanely loud but pleasant. The taste is more prominent than smell with a strong sweet earthy flavor.

Effects: 8.9/10

Slow rolling high that kicks in slowly and brings a nice mellow head change. Strong euphoric and calming effects but not overly tiring. Definitely a strain for an afternoon in or time relaxing in the sun. Mild pain relief. Long effect duration

Overall: 9.0/10

A nice indica hybrid with fairly differentiated profile and effects, but that didn't quite knock my socks off in the way some other Fig Strains have.

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