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Georgia Pie 7g Smalls by West Coast Cure - In Depth Strain Review - WestCoastCanna

First impressions: 7.2/10 Georgia Pie is a Hybrid Strain, bred by Seed Junky and grown here by West Coast Cure. It is a nice balanced cross of its two parent strains, Gelati and Kush Mints. The nugs are extremely dark purple, to the point they look nearly black at times, and while the nugs are fairly small and do not have crazy structure, they are still coated in trichs. Testing as follows: Smell/Taste: 8/10 This strain is very sweet and dessert-like, with peaches, pine and citrus coming through in the smell. The flavor is equally sweet with the peaches coming out. Not the most pronounced flavor but it is really pleasant and a smooth smoke. Clean burn with flecked ash Effects: 7.9/10 With a noticeable head and body effect quickly after exhaling, I found this strain to be really calming and focused - It is one of those true "50/50" hybrid strains from its feel. Great daytime smoke, especially for those who may not like full sativas, but still want something relatively energizing/focused, without the jitters. Medium Duration. Overall: 7.6/10 One of the better options available in the "budget indoor" category

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