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Hallie Berry by Cream of the Crop - Strain Review

Hallie Berry is a Sativa leaning strain by Cream of the Crop, bred by crossing High C with Ice Cream Cake. The reviewed jar is a 14g smalls batch, purchased from ERBA Markets in Los Angeles. Dive into the full review below!

First impressions: 8.5/10

As always, Cream of the Crop's packaging is on point here, with a well-designed-and-labeled tall jar filled to the brim with this half ounce. The nugs themselves are respectably sized for smalls, with a few popcorn sized medium nugs mixed in with the usual smalls. The bud is a gorgeous dark purple hue, with bright orange and lime green popping out through the coating of trichomes. The flower is well cured and moderately sticky. Testing on the label shown below:

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Smell/Taste: 8.7/10

A nice sweet and zesty mix of flavors here: juicy blueberry, pomegranate, plum and blackberry accompanied by a dollop of sweet whipped cream and a squeeze of lemon - served up in a pine forest.

Effects: 8.6/10

Hallie Berry is a potent strain, with effects coming on in full within the first 5-10 minutes after inhale. It offers a strong creative energy that, while not super focused, is uplifting and euphoric. This is accompanied by a feeling of calm and Zen, which isn't always found in sativa leaning strains, and is likely brought on by its ICC lineage. Very enjoyable effects. Medium-long duration.

Overall: 8.6/10


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