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Italian Ice by Fig Farms - Strain Review

Italian Ice by Fig Farms is an indica leaning hybrid strain, bred by crossing (Triangle Mints X Gelato 33) X (Lemon Tree X The White). We reviewed a batch of smalls here, purchased from ERBA Markets in LA. As you can see in the picture below, these nugs aren't small at all! Read on for the full review.

Italian Ice by Fig Farms Legal Cannabis Flower Eighth 3.5g California Los Angeles

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First impressions: 9.1/10

As mentioned, this bag of Italian Ice is labeled as "small nugs" but in reality is just a normal eighth. 4 nugs took up the whole bag, with one weighing in around 2g. These buds feature Fig Farms' signature elongated foxtail shapes with funky offshoots and lots of orange hair. Wet cure, a bit under-dried but that's better than the alternative. Testing:

Package Date: 12/07/23

THC: 37.30%

Total Cannabinoids: 44.57%

Terpenes: No information Provided

Smell/taste: 8.4/10

Italian Ice offers flavors of Gelato/grape cream, gasoline, lemon and fresh ground pepper. It is very herbal and pleasant, but not smack-you-in-the-face loud. The undercure shows through slightly on the smell, though this dissipates after the bag is opened.. Nice clean smoke with a sweet creamy aftertaste.

Effects: 9.0/10

Strong quick onset effects that focus in as a glowing weight behind the eyes accompanied by a calming weight and buzz throughout the body. Mentally calming with a slight introspective + creative stimulation. May be helpful for pain relief and anxiety. Great strain for a relaxing day in the sun, or a chill afternoon in. Long effect duration.

Overall: 8.8/10

Great value here, you are essentially getting a full sized Fig Farms eighth for a significant discount vs the jar. While Italian Ice may not be the most unique strain out there, it is tasty, well cured, and has strong, long-lasting effects.

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