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Jetlag OG by Cannabiotix - In Depth Strain Review - WestCoastCanna

Jetlag OG by Cannabiotix (CBX) Indica Strain Review, nug

First Impressions: 9.2/10

Jetlag OG is an Indica Strain by Cannabiotix (CBX), crossed by breeding Kush Mountains and Red Eye OG. The jar contained one large and 3 medium nugs, with the large pictured here. Dark/olive green and orange covered by a thick dusting of trichomes, these nugs have beautiful Christmas-tree structure. Testing for this batch as follows:

Package Date: 3/02/2023

Total THC: 35.47%

Total Cannabinoids: 37.09%

Total Terpenes: 2.53%

Smell/Taste: 9.2/10

This jar definitely has an old school Kush smell to it, which is in your face as soon as you open the jar. Fuel, freshly ground pepper, and skunk aromas loft out of the jar - and these same flavors are represented perfectly in the smoke. Dark ash, and the flower burns a touch slowly.

Effects: 9.5/10

Strong sedative effects starting off with a slow, wavy head buzz and expanding into a full body high after a few minutes. Euphoric and sedative, this one has almost narcotic properties and is excellent for appetite stimulation, body pain, and insomnia. Excellent end of the day strain! Long duration.

Overall: 9.3/10

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