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Lucid Blue by Fig Farms: Strain Review (3.5g)

First impressions: 9.5/10

Lucid Blue is a sativa dominant cross of Blue Dream and Greatful Breath. This batch is insanely fresh with a package date 2 weeks before date of purchase. Testing is 38% THC and over 45% total cannabinoids. Would love if Fig would start posting Terpene testing. The jar is taken up by 5-6 fluffy lime green Nugs coated in frost

Lucid Blue Cannabis Flower by Fig Farms Legal California Product

Smell/taste: 10/10

Strong perfectly ripe blueberry and lemongrass smells when you open the jar, with a really funk diesel smell permeating the sweetness. It is a really bright and refreshing smell. The taste is clean and similar to the smell, with the diesel and lemongrass coming through and a mild blueberry sweetness.

High: 9/10

This one has a really quick onset (less than 5 mins) and provides a sudden head rush that leaves you feeling awake and energetic. Any sense of the jitters are brought down by a calming sensation over the first several minutes. Productive until you overdo it and highly creative after. Medium duration.

Overall: 9.5/10

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