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Machiavelli by Cream of the Crop - Strain Review

Machiavelli is a Sativa Leaning Strain by Cream of the Crop, crossing MAC and FPOG. The reviewed flower was a 14g smalls jar purchased from ERBA Markets in West LA.

First impressions: 8.5/10

This batch of Machiavelli smalls contains decent sized nugs; 2 popcorn nugs and lots of smaller ones. The bugs are bright green w orange hairs and funky fluffy structure. Sticky even a few weeks after opening. Testing:

Package Date: 11/14/23

Total THC: 30.39%

Total Terpenes: 2.97%

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Smell: 8.7/10

Fizzy sprite/citrus soda/ key lime pie with chemical pinesol. Tart+sweet.

Effects: 8.5/10

Fairly strong energetic effects that roll in quickly and increase alertness while setting on a state of focused euphoria. Good daytime smoke for a hike or some chores, or getting into a good movie in the evening. Medium long duration

Overall: 8.6/10

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