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Mandarin Haze by THC Design - West Coast Cannabis Review - 3.5g Flower

First impressions: 8.5/10

Mandarin Haze is a sativa hybrid cross of Tangerine Dream and Kosher Kush. This batch is incredibly fresh, packaged 8/18 (less than 3 weeks old at time of purchase) and tests over 38.6% total Cannabinoids. The nugs are medium sized with a light green hue contrasted by dark orange hairs. The flower is pretty under cured, but it is easy to fix by burping the jar some. Hard to smoke straight out of the jar without a second to dry.

Smell/taste: 8/10

Sour orange hits your nose as soon as you open the jar on this one, really strong and with a zing to it. Behind the orange is a funky vanilla clove smell I enjoy. Very slight gas on the back end. The smell transfers well to the taste once it is properly cured. Before that, it carries a heavy taste that isn't super pleasant. Still, giving it an 8 since it was really easy to dry a bit more and amazing once it was.

High: 9/10

A really interesting cerebral high that kicks in immediately after a hit or two off a joint. Definitely concentrated in the head, but with a bit of a wavy glowing effect throughout the body that makes this one a bit different. Energetic without being zippy, this is the perfect strain for a walk outside and some sun. Medium duration.

Overall: 8.5/10

A bright unique strain that would have easily been a 9+ with a proper cure, Mandarin Haze has a super OJ/terpy flavor profile with some of the spice from its Kush lineage. Sativa hybrid made for the outdoors

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