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Nigerian Silk by Source Cannabis - In Depth Strain Review - WestCoastCanna

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

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First impressions: 9.1/10

Nigerian Silk is a sativa leaning strain by Source Cannabis bred by crossing Nigerian Legend OG X Haze. The tested jar is satisfyingly filled with 1 large and 4 smaller nugs and features super elongated structures that actually look similar to a landrace. Light green with olive green mixed in and orange hairs to contrast. Great cure.

Package date: 12/13/22

THC: 31.4%

Total cannabinoids: 37.0%

Primary terpenes: Myrcene, Trans-Ocimene

Smell/taste: 9.2/10

Smell/Taste: 9.2/10

This strain is very pinesol forward, with strong notes of diesel and weaker lemon/spice in the back to round it out. The pine/diesel are very prevalent in the taste as well and coat your mouth with a solid sweet flavor. Pretty clean burn with flecked ash

Effects: 9.4/10

This is a truly head spinning sativa that induces a strong mental energy over 10 mins or so. Slight mental fog due to potency. Energetic and creative, this strain is ideal as a daytime smoke or as a catalyst for some creative work. Long duration.

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