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Nova Cane by Team Elite Genetics: Strain Review (3.5g)

First impressions: 9/10

Nova Cane is a cross of Squirt X Kush X Grandma's Cookies, bred and grown by Team Elite. This jar was about a month old when purchased (the day it rolled into the shop), with a cultivation date a little bit over a month before that. The jar tests at 3.9% Terpenes, with terpinoline, Myrcene, and caryophyllene as the primaty. It also comes in at over 30% THC. The jar was taken up by 3 large fluffy Nugs, which are a deep green/purple color with striking orange hairs

Smell/taste: 9.5/10

Sweet chemically pinesol/terpinoline smell as soon as you open the jar, pretty strong but not overpowering. It is followed on a 2nd smell with a tart cranberry juice/ blue raspberry, almost like a sour candy. Translates well to the taste and burns relatively smoothly with nice sweet smoke.

High: 9.3/10

This is definitely a middle of the road hybrid, with a noticeable terpinoline head buzz accompanied by a slight wavy body sensation. Onset is quick but continues to roll in over about 5 mins, starting in the head with the body effects rolling in after. Fairly energetic but not one I would describe as productive - more creative/giggly. Medium - long duration

Overall 9.3/10

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