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Omerta OG by Decibel Gardens - Strain Review

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

First Impressions: 9.4/10

Bred by Decibel Gardens, Omertà OG is a cross of True OG X Pure Kush that is reminiscent of old school OGs. This sample contained nice big fluffy nugs, with a rough Christmas tree shape/structure, lime green with darker green and dark orange hairs contrasting. The nugs are coated completely in trichs and are insanely sticky/resinous, and even after a few months the cure holds up great.

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Smell/taste: 9.2/10

This strain has the classic OG scents and is super loud. It is gassy with strong pepper overtones accompanied by slight lemon zest and heavy cream rounding it out. The burn and taste are fantastic, with a thick gassy OG flavor coating the inside of your mouth. Slow burn, slightly heavy smoke.

Effects: 9.4/10

Quick onset high that is extremely relaxing and wavy. The effects build over a few minutes to a super euphoric and powerful but not-quite-sedative crescendo. Slight mental confusion after a few bowls. Mild appetite stimulant and pain relief. Great for an evening in watching movies or a lazy afternoon in the sun. Long duration.

Overall: 9.3/10

Powerful and satisfying old school OG Cultivar

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