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Orange Soda by Team Elite Genetics - Strain Review

Orange Soda is a sativa dominant hybrid strain bred and grown by Team Elite Genetics (TEG). It is a cross of Tangie and Grandma's Cookies Pheno #7. This jar was given as a brand sample for review - I've tried the strain before one time, but haven't gotten to sit down with an eighth like this before. Excited to dive in!

First impressions: 8.0/10

The reviewed jar has one large nug and a few smalls/mediums rounding out the eighth. The buds are in gorgeous Christmas tree shapes with green and orange coloration, and a heavy dusting of large-headed trichomes. We found a handful of seeds while tearing into the nugs, not a crazy number but at least 5-6 in the eighth. Well cured, still sticky. Testing:

Package date: 2/12/24

THC: 26.99%

Total Cannabinoids: 27.26%

Total terpenes: 2.67%

Top terpenes: b-myrcene, b-caryophyllene, a-pinene, a-Humulene

Smell/taste: 9.1/10

Juicy natural orange soda - more like OJ mixed with seltzer water than Fanta. Taste is super clean and mouth watering - and the flower burns excellently, adding to the experience.

Effects: 9.3/10

Orange Soda offers a quick onset buzzy sativa high that focuses in the head and behind the eyes. It is a strong and energizing high that is jolting, almost like caffeine. Good for social settings, being outdoors and staying up late. Long duration.

Overall: 8.8/10

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