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Pineapple Gas by Floracal Farms - in Depth Strain Review - Westcoastcanna

First impressions: 8/10

This is a fresh jar pushing 30% THC. One large nug (pictured) and 6 or 7 smalls, tight, bright green buds with some nice contrast between the shades of green. Packaging is pretty clean and the package date was within 3 months

Smell/taste: 8/10

Strong pineapple + pine tree smell accompanied by pepper and a sweet gas. Taste is the same with the pine and gas coming through.

High: 8.5/10

Was pleasantly surprised by the high on this one, it comes in over 5 mins and sits about 50/50 between your head and body. Nice chill head buzz mixed with a mild tingly feeling in the body and legs. Really calming but not sedating, good for a show you are into or some music enjoyment! Medium duration

Overall: 8.2/10

Great jar at it's price point, potent indoor flower with a strong smell and taste and nice calming high.

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