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Pink Certz by Daze Off - In Depth Strain Review - WestCoastCanna

Pink Certz Cannabis Strain by Daze Off Cannabis, The Menthol X Grape Gas Gasoline

First Impressions: 9/10

Pink Certz is a hybrid cannabis strain bred by crossing The Menthol and Grape Gasoline. This 14g bag from Daze Off (UpNorth) came satisfyingly full of medium-large sized nugs. The nugs themselves are super strange and spikey shaped, which gives it a unique look, especially when combined with the dark purple coloration. The cure is a touch on the dry side

Smell/taste: 8.4/10

Strong smells of sweet fruit and berries mix with a heavy mint after effect here for a nice and unique smell. The taste is a bit more muted, but still sweet and minty on the finish. Burn is excellent with all-white ash

Effect: 8.4/10

Strong head buzz that kicks in over a few minutes and concentrates behind the eyes is accompanied by a nice wavy and calming euphoria. Definitely a balanced hybrid that is great for focused work or creative efforts. Medium-long duration

Overall: 8.6/10

Excellent value and quality

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