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Pink Monet by Maven Genetics - In Depth Strain Review - Westcoastcanna

Pink Monet is a sativa-leaning hybrid from Maven Genetics, bred by crossing Sour Sangria and Twisted Cherries. The reviewed bag was a half-ounce of smalls, purchased from ERBA Markets in LA. Let's dive in!

Pink Monet Small Nugs By Maven Genetics

First Impressions: 8.7/10

This bag of Pink Monet was labeled as smalls, but the average nug size is larger than I've seen in some eighths. The nugs are beautiful, super bright purple with lime green leaves and dark-orange hairs curling over the surface, and a nice dusting of trichs. Slightly over dried. Testing as follows:

Package Date: 06/19/23

Total Cannabinoids: 33.22%

Total THC: 30.30%

Total Terpenes: 2.28%

Smell/taste: 8.4/10

Upon opening the bag, I was greeted with the smell of tart cherries, simple syrup/cherry hard candy and a mild to moderate nutmeg spice. The taste matches well and is really nice and tart, with a sweet cherry/blackberry aftertaste. The smell/taste is a tiny bit muted and not as strong/juicy as it could be IMO, which is where it loses some points.

Effects: 8.6/10

This strain brings on a buzzy head high that is both euphoric and therapeutic, and kicks in fully within 1-2 minutes. A few hits put me in a solidly energetic, productive/focused + positive headspace, with a fuzzy weight/pressure in the skull and a very slight wavy chest high to accompany. This is a great smoke if you need something to help keep you focused but are not a fan of super buzzy Sativas. Medium+ duration.

Overall: 8.6/10

Would love to try the full sized nugs, but these smalls definitely hold their own in their price range.

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