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Plum Popperz by Super Dope + Ted's Budz - Strain Review

Plum Popperz is a hybrid cannabis strain with from Super Dope and Distributed by Tedz Buds, which is believed to be their cut of Lemon Cherry Gelato, or a LCG cross. Havent had a chance to try Super Dope/Teds before this so excited to dive in.

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First Impressions: 7.4/10

Super Dope always goes all out on their packaging, and this is no exception. The packaging is definitely NSFW, featuring hentai style artwork - Its a bit much IMO, doesnt give much info and is a bit overly risque, but I see that they are at least trying to do something different. The nugs are all medium/popcorn size with a mix of light green, purple and orange coloration. They are well frosted as well and have a nice glint. However, the flower is fairly dry and crumbles/isnt particularly sticky (despite being one of the most recently packaged batches of flower weve had yet this year), which is a bit disappointing at its price point. Testing as follows:

Package Date: 11/10/23

THC: 30%

Total Cannabinoids: 30.58%

Smell/Taste: 7.4/10

This strain features a sweet and fairly typical Gelato flavor, with grape/gas/cream/ stonefruit/black plum scents dominating. The flavor is a nice sweet gassy grape + cherry limeade with light rubbery chemical smoke behind. Not super loud honestly, had to have my nose most of the way into the bag to smell it.

Effects: 7.7/10

Fairly strong stoney head and body high that kicks in over 10 minutes or so, with a heavy weight behind the forehead and eyes and a minor couchlocking feeling. A bit one dimensional/similar to the high from straight THC diamonds. Decent strain for an afternoon in watching movies. Medium Duration.

Overall: 7.5/10

It's possible we caught them on a bad day/batch, but this strain was fairly dissapointing at its price point. Dry, not super flavorful, and effects that were not differentiated or particularly memorable. Will def be giving Super Dope another try, but probably not this strain again.

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