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Review: Agent Lemon Cannabis Edibles by CLSICS

If I had to sum these up in a few words, they would be: Feels like live rosin, doesn't taste like live rosin (and that is about as positive as I can get with full spectrum gummies lol)

While there is generally not a lot to say about edibles, especially those that are infused with full spectrum concentrates in my opinion, these were a pleasant surprise.

I rarely purchase edibles because of the 100mg restriction and the crazy prices that have come with it. That said, I do like to try new products and the packaging on these is eye catching. The gummies themselves are a pale-yellow color that is not exactly appetizing but is a step above some other gummies (particularly from CLSICS) that I have gotten in the past. The taste is pleasant and lemony - unlike other LR edibles I have purchased that have a distinct cannabis taste.

These are slow to kick in but pack a reasonable punch when they do. I definitely felt the sativa lean here because of a slight spike in heart rate as it kicked in. I am sensitive to very strong Sativas as they can cause anxiety for me, so I might stay away from high doses of these ones to be safe.

All in all, true to CLSICS form, these are very solid for the price, and I would purchase again!

This is not sponsored by CLSICS in any way.

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