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Review: Black Scotti Cub Nugs by Grizzly Peak

Black Scotti is an indica strain crossing Biscotti and Zhit (70/30 Indica Leaning). Overall, I thought that this strain was a very solid indica hybrid at its price point. The bag I am reviewing tested at 26.22% THC.

First Impressions: 89/100

This is good looking, fresh weed. While the cub nugs are small, the whole bag was entirely nug with no shake or trim, and very minimal stems. Packaged in the last 3 months, I thought that was a good sign for the distro. The nugs are attractive and look like little grapes

Smell: 94/100; Taste: 90/100

The smell of this bag is wonderful, especially for those of you like me who live for the Earthy terps. This bud smells earthy, grassy (but not in a bad/uncured way), and extremely spicey (pepper, nutmeg, and cinnamon came forward for me. The taste matched the smell well and was pleasant, though the smoke on this one is pretty heavy.

High: 85/100

The high on this comes on quickly and feels verrry indica. It is extremely calming and even borderline sedating. The high is not the strongest in the world, but I would not expect it to be at this price point. It is level, reliable, and affordable.

Overall Score: 89.5/100

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