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Review: Grease Runtz (Cub Nugs) by Grizzly Peak X Soulja Exotics 3.5g Flower

Grease Runtz is an Indica leaning Hybrid strain bred by crossing Grease Monkey and Runtz (70/30 Indica Leaning). Overall, I thought that this strain was really good flavor and smell wise, but honestly left a little to be desired on feeling. The bag I am reviewing tested at 25.41% THC.

Grizzly peak cub nugs with Soulja Exotics Grease Runts eighth
First Impressions: 91/100

This is good looking, fresh weed. While the cub nugs are small, the whole bag was entirely nug with no shake or trim, and very minimal stems. Some of the nugs are a little rough trimmed, but hey they are less than half the price of the full nugs! Packaged in the last 2 months, I thought that was a good sign for the distribution. The nugs are attractive and offer a green and purple hue.

Smell: 97/100; Taste: 92/100

The smell of this bag is great. Really fruity, and gassy with hints of fruity/gummy candy. This bud smells sweet, and the taste is similar. The smoke is smooth and tasty and did not have me coughing even after a few bowls.

Cub nugs grizzly peak soulja exotics eighth flower nugs cannabis
High: 70/100

This strain is not weak per say, but I was not overly impressed by the high. It felt like something of a "flat" high to me, without much characteristic to back up the obviously high THC content. Not bad, especially for newer smokers or those with a lower tolerance but does not 100% live up to other Grizzly Peak products in my opinion.

Overall Score: 87.5/100

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