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Review: Grizzly Peak Milk Bar (Cub Nugs)

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Cub Nugs are always high on the list when I see them at a shop, and while this Milk Bar was the only strain available at ERBA in Marina Del Rey; I picked up a quarter on a whim.

The eighths were packaged within 2 month of my purchase, which always makes me happy! This batch tests 22.99% THC / 24.5% total cannabinoids (1.51% other cannabinoids), which is solid - leaves something to be desired in the gap, but it is hard to beat in this price range. And as we all know, testing is far from the end-all, be-all anyway.

I love smalls in general, because you end up with next to no stem or leafy material (when they are premium, at least)! These Cub Nugs don't disappoint on the first impression. Tightly-packed, milky buds with a deep purple hue contrasted by bright orange stigmas (hairs), show through the window on the bag (half of the reason I bought two). The Milk Bar is listed as a hybrid, an uplifting but not-quite energetic cross of Pink Cookies X Purple Punch.

Upon opening the bag and taking a closer look at the flower, it hits you with a super strong grape/purpley smell, with a very sweet, in-your-face punch (no pun intended)! It smokes smoothly - the sweetness really carries over, and it starts to hit you within 10-20 seconds of the exhale. I felt the initial effects in my legs, and behind my eyes.

I chose to smoke this through a bong, to try to get the most of the flavor and potency, and even with my tolerance, two bowls had me feeling a little tingly. Focused mainly on the legs and in my head, I feel energized, but not excited, awake or anxious like some strains that lean more heavily sativa can feel. If anything, it feels like it leans very slightly toward indica to me.

Over the last few years, Grizzly Peak has supplied some of the dankest cannabis in Los Angeles at its price point. Cub Nugs are generally the most inexpensive indoor cannabis around, and they hit better than some nugs that cost 2-3x the price.

Reach out with your thoughts! I'd love to hear what others think of the strain and brand.

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