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Review: Xeno (Indoor 3.5G) Cannabis Flower by Alien Labs

Xeno is a hard hitting, slightly-indica-leaning hybrid crossing Skittlez and Kush Mints. It is a staple in my arsenal of "special occasion" flower. Testing from THC: 32.01% to TCB: 38.23%, this jar lives up to the brand's standards in every way.

First Impressions: 100/100

It is generally hard for me to give anything a perfect score in any way. This, however, is an exception. When looking at the packaging and first popping open the seal, I was looking for something.... anything that could be pointed out as a flaw. The ONLY thing I could come up with is that it may have been slightly too fresh, but I can't mark them down for that!

Smell: 95/100; Taste: 94/100

This jar smells divine. Peppery, sweet and a tiny bit tangy, the reason I mark this one down slightly is that the aforementioned freshness did lead to a slightly grassy scent when I first got close, but it dissipated quickly. The taste matched the smell well, though the smoke on this one is always a little bit too heavy for my taste.

High: 98/100

The high on this comes on very quickly and feels like a fairly middle of the ground hybrid in my eyes. The flavor shines through on the smoke, leading to a pleasant experience, though the heavy smoke can leave you feeling a little clogged up. Most of the feeling concentrates behind my eyes and in my legs, and it is long lasting.

Overall Score: 96.75/100

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