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Strain Review: Banana Jelly by THC Design (3.5g Cannabis Flower)

First impressions: 8.5/10

Banana Jelly is an indica hybrid cross of Banana Cream and Jealousy. This batch was packaged 8/24, making it one of the freshest of the drop. Tests from 36.23% THC to 38.45% total Cannabinoids. Limonene, Caryophyllene, and linalool are the primary Terpenes. Small, tight, colorful buds fill the jar, probably 6-7 Nugs total. Definitely under cured but this is an easy fix if you just open the jar from time to time to quicken drying.

Smell/taste: 8/10

Strong but not in your face, this one has a floral but spicy OG profile with some banana/citrus notes behind it. Lots of pepper, cinnamon and cloves. Comes through on the taste but not before you cure the flower more. If you smoke as is, this flower is harsh but grind it and let it sit out for 20 mins and it smokes much better, and the flavor comes through well.

High: 8/10

Relatively quick onset with some additional feeling in the head rolling in later. Indica leaning for sure but not quite to the point of being sedative, more of a in-the-couch-watching-movies vibe. The THC overwhelms the other cannabinoids a bit on this one since it's so high, but the presence of Limonene and linalool give it a bit of profile and a calming head effect.

Overall: 8.2/10

Banana Jelly is a really solid indica hybrid with calming couch lock effects. The fact it is under cured is the main reason it lost points, but it is easy to fix and worth buying if you happen across a jar.

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