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Strain Review: Dole Hwhip by Ember Valley (7g Smalls- Cannabis Flower)

A cross of Tropicana Truffle and Cookies & Creme IX3, Dole Hwhip is a zen-inducing sativa hybrid strain grown by Ember Valley. The bag I am reviewing here is a 7g smalls bag. It is a great testing strain at over 31% total Cannabinoids.

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First impressions: 8.5/10

At a little bit over 2 months old, I consider this to be on the far end of a very fresh bag. Most of the nugs are small but there are a few (like the one pictured) that could easily go in jars. Beautiful bud structure.

Smell/taste: 8.5/10

The smell on this one is not as in-your-face as others, but I really like that when it comes to Sativa's. It has a nice, sweet pineapple/ grapefruit smell that comes out first, with some sweet piney gas behind it. The smell translates well to the taste, though it is a bit more grapefruit + gas forward in the smoke

High: 8.5/10

Fantastic high with some actual character here. Comes on really slowly, 10-15 min full onset I would say. Really mellow behind the eye and top of skull buzz/pressure that feels nice and could help with headaches potentially. Not much of a body high which leaves you very energetic but still mellowed out. Zero anxiety! Some slight pain relief too after a few bowls, unusual for a sativa.

Overall: 8.5/10

In no way sponsored by Ember Valley

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