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Strain Review: Double Dragon by Urbn Leaf (Grown by Fig Farms) Indica Cannabis Flower

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Double Dragon is an INDICA cannabis strain, grown by fig farms, that crosses OG Kush and OG Kush Breath. The result is an incredibly pungent and powerful indica that will leave you solidly sedated (like actually be ready to sleep after you smoke this)

First Impressions: 92/100:

This Flower is Gorgeous, and Urbn Leaf's Packaging is always clean and descriptive. This flower tests really well (36% THC, 44% total, with the top terps totaling around 2.7%. Huge nugs though this does also have the side effect of huge stems

Smell: 96/100; Taste 96/100

This one is citrusy and fruity (mango, fresh apple) on the first smell, with a really strong peppery, almost mineral undertone on the smell. It shows through fantastically in the smoke and burns well. The freshness of this flower really shows.

High: 99/100

One of the strongest indicas we have ever tried or reviewed, the one and only result of smoking this one is sleep. Do not smoke double dragon for a walk, or even a dinner or gaming session - save this one until 20 minutes before you are in bed ready to sleep. Amazing indica.

Overall: 95.75/100

Not sponsored by Urbn Leaf, Fig Farms, or associated brands

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