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Strain Review: Sweet Cream Cure Flower by West Coast Cure (1/2oz Bag)

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Sweet Cream is a creative sativa strain with interesting/rare genetics - Crossing Nepali OG (Nepali LR X OG Kush) and Appalachia (Green Crack and Tres Dawg). It is a strong sativa strain that shows the effects of its green crack/ chemdawg lineage, though the high is calmed down by the OG/Nepali Indicas.

Legal California cannabis. Cannabis sativa, landrace cross sweet cream grown in california. West coast cure sweet cream half ounce small flower
First Impressions: 7/10

This bag is really fresh and was fairly priced. I think that the addition of larger, more affordable bags by West Coast Cure is a plus. This was packaged within 2 weeks of purchase, and if anything, it is slightly under cured. Testing is great at 31.1% THC. Some of the buds are under trimmed but overall, pretty good looking.

Smell: 8/10; Taste: 7.5/10

Not the strongest smell ever but really calming and nice. Sweetened condensed milk type of scent with orange, lime and some funk/skunk behind it. Comes across nicely in the smoke, though it is a bit harsh because of the cure

Sweet cream West coast cure sativa nug flower legal cannabis. Half ounce bag.
High: 9/10

Great high on this one. Creative and energetic without the slightest bit of jitters. Comes on in 5-10 minutes, so be prepared before smoking too much at once! Good for working, writing, outside adventures, and the like!

Overall Score: 7.8/10

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