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Strain Review: Wedding Cake Smalls by California Love Cannabis @calilovecannabis

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Wedding cake is a classic indica hybrid strain crossing Triangle Kush and Animal Mints (60/40) Indica Leaning. This jar by Cali Love is great for the cost and is one of the least expensive jars I have bought recently. Somehow only 20 bucks!

First Impressions: 84/100

Fresh weed that tests well - checks the boxes there. The jar looks good, but I feel that the graphics could use some work. I do appreciate that they show the terpenes on the jar - including a description of the flavor profile and presence of each one. Tests from 25% THC to 30% Total Cannabinoids. Nugs are definitely small and there are some stems but look good overall.

Smell: 87/100; Taste: 87/100

Very pleasantly surprised by the smell of this jar. Sweet and spicy, with grape and pepper standing out strongly. Does not lose anything on the smoke. Smells and tastes very fresh.

High: 88/100

Really high-quality high here. Comes on strong with a calming head buzz and body high. Raises appetite and some relief from pain. A really nice evening-time strain. At the price, I was expecting this to be joint weed. I was pleasantly surprised and won't be putting this in anything but my bong!

Overall Score: 86.5/100

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