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Strawberry Cough by Source Cannabis - In Depth Strain Review - WestCoastCanna

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

First Impressions: 8.9/10

Strawberry Cough is a sativa leaning cross of Strawberry Fields and Super Silver Haze. The jar opened up to lime green nugs with dark orange hairs to contrast. dense and frosted, 1 medium-large, 1 medium, 3 smaller. Well cured.

Smell/taste: 8.9/10

The main smells include Pine, strawberry, lemon diesel, and pepper. The taste is clean and matches up to the smell well. Slow burn with Grey/speckled ash

Effects: 9/10

Heavy intoxicating head high that kicks in over 2-3 minutes, energetic and euphoric with a mild accompanying brain fog. Medium-long duration.

Overall: 8.9/10

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