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Strain Review - Super Dog by Connected CA (1g Preroll)

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Super Dog is a special cut of Chemdawg, a sativa leaning hybrid strain, selected by Connected CA. Was excited to try this strain and saw the preroll in a local shop, figured it was time!

Super Dog Connected CA 1 g gram preroll


Package date: 05/22/2023

Total THC: 29.18%


Strong chem scent that is really funky and fuel forward, with sharp lemon and pepper scents to complement. Smooth smoke and a super funky fuel/natural gas type flavor that is more appealing than that sounds 🤣


This strain grants a nice creative and euphoric energy that had me in a great, bubbly mood! Enhanced music and generally lifted my mood without making me anxious. Great for a daytime/outdoors smoke, and for social situations.


Didn't burn totally evenly but nothing too bad. White ash


Super happy with this cut of chemdawg, feel that it hits all of the points I've come to expect from the strain. The preroll was potent and affordable, and burned well enough.

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