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Survey: Nearly 2/3rds of Adults in the USA Support the Legalization of Cannabis

As the House once again passes through a bill that proposes the Federal Legalization of Marijuana, it is important to take some time to look at the views of the American public in this. In a YouGov survey from April 2022, researchers polled US Adults and found that 60% of the total population supported the Legalization of Cannabis on a Federal Level.

On top of this, public sentiment in other areas has grown. The same survey linked above also indicated that 58% of adults believe that Alcohol is more harmful than cannabis, while only 15% think that weed is more dangerous. 21% of those surveyed were not sure and 6% thought the danger was the same.

A similar result with Tobacco. 59% think it is more harmful than cannabis, 14% less harmful, 21% unsure, 7% neither.

Let me know what you think, all credits to YouGov on the study.

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