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Watermelon Punch by Decibel Gardens - Strain Review

First Impressions: 9.4/10

Watermelon Punch is an indica leaning hybrid strain bred by Party Time Farms and hunted by Decibel Gardens, crossing Master Kush + Skittles X Platinum Punch (Platinum OG X Purple Punch). The reviewed nug was large and Christmas-tree shaped with protruding spikey formations. Lime green coloration with long orange hairs to contrast. Super thick coating of trichs, great cure.

Watermelon Punch Decibel Gardens Strain review

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Smell/Taste: 9.6/10

Straight sweet watermelon candy with a slight sour twist. Like if you took most of the citric acid off of a Sour Patch Watermelon Candy. Super unique and loud even after a few months. More herbal/floral notes come out as well once the flower is ground. Great flavor translation with a tasty sweet exhale that leaves a nice aftertaste.

Effects: 9.5/10

Quick onset vibey/mellow head change accompanied by a slight soothing couchlock. Mood boosting and euphoric. Very relaxing but not overly sedating. Slightly hunger inducing and definitely eases some anxiety. Long Duration.

Overall: 9.5/10

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