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White Onyx by Cream of the Crop (14g smalls) - Strain Review

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

First impressions: 8/10

White Onyx is a sativa leaning hybrid cross of White Widow x Apple Fritter. These nugs were on smaller side of the COTC smalls ive tried, but definitely not shakey at all. Decent structure and varying shades of green and orange covered nicely in icy trichs.

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Smell: 7.8/10

Citrus, fresh cut wood/slightly musky. Touch of cheesy scent rounding it out. Unique albeit not the loudest ive gotten from COTC. Taste is pleasant, and the smoke is smooth.

Effects: 8.4/10

Strong head high that rolls in over the first few minutes, definitely hitting in waves. It gives a slight body effect as well at peak high but mostly concentrates in the head and behind the eyes. Id describe it as a slightly buzzy energy, gets the heart going a little bit, but not too bad. Medium-long duration

Overall: 8.1/10

Solid deal for a good sativa. Sneaks up on you by not being the loudest but having a very strong and slightly differentiated high

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