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Zello #5 by Fig Farms - Strain Review

Updated: Feb 19

UPDATED 1/25 to reflect Umami Seed Co. As the Breeder of Zello #5

Zello #5 is an Indica-leaning hybrid cannabis strain bred by crossing Jelly Zonuts x Obama Runtz. This strain was bred by Umami Seed Co and gifted to the Fig Farms Team. The reviewed batch was a smalls bag purchased from ERBA Markets in LA. This is a new strain to me, so I was very excited to give it a try, especially at the bargain "smalls" price. Dive into the full review below!

Zello #5 Number 5 by Fig Farms California Legal Weed Cannabis

First impressions: 9.3/10

The reviewed bag of smalls contained one large nug (over 1g) and several medium sized buds to round out the eighth. Definitely not smalls. The coloration is light green and orange with a nice white dusting of massive trichome heads. The buds are also fluffy and nicely foxtailed. Sticky and well cured, a bit wet if anything. Testing seems a touch inflated, but here is what was listed:

Package Date: 12-21-23

Total THC: 38.40%

Total Cannabinoids: 46.87%

Smell/taste: 9.1/10

Zello #5 offers a strong sweet gelato cream scent accompanied by lime and tropical fruit. Its a nice twist on a iconic taste. Pleasant sweet aftertaste and strong/potent tasting smoke.

Effects: 9.5/10

Zello features super heavy effects that roll in quickly. The effects are very calming with a slight weight in the chest and forehead. It is mildly cerebral but definitely focuses in with a heavy body high that is calming and slightly sedative. Did I mention it's strong? Mental confusion after a few bowls with a high tolerance. This strain offered me some pain relief and brought on mild hunger. Long effect duration.

Overall: 9.3/10

One of my favorite new strains from Fig Farms.

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