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Blem X Cold Fire - Tangie Ting - Strain Review

As fans of both Blem and Cold Fire, we knew we had to try some of their collaborations. The search lead us to ERBA Sawtelle, where we selected the Tangie Ting, as it has been highly recommended by a few folks in our circle. This strain is Blem's cut of Tangie, which crosses California Oranges and Skunk-1.

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First Impressions: 9.4/10

The first thing we noticed was that Cold Fire changed up the packaging of this one to reflect the BLEM branding/look. At first, we thought the budtender had the wrong product! But the changed up packaging look is cool. The hardware itself is the same that Cold Fire usually uses, which is fairly reliable. Testing as follows:

  • Package Date: 10/24/23

  • THC: 88.401%

  • Total Cannabinoids: 91.996%

  • Total Terpenes: 6.659%

Smell/Taste: 9.8/10

Despite the terp testing being a touch lower than Cold Fire has been known for, this cart features a super pronounced orange/tangerine profile that has a crazy juicy/fresh flavor and fresh-squeezed OJ aftertaste. There is a slight touch of skunk and herbals behind all of that, a thyme/pine/rosemary type spice which is super complementary to the OJ. Overall the profile definitely matches what you'd expect from a Tangie, but done better than I have seen in a long time.

Effects: 9.4/10

Tangie Ting features a strong sativa buzz that definitely lends itself to being a daytime smoke. The effects mostly focus in the head, with a focused buzz behind the eyes accompanied by slight euphoric jitters. This quick onset feeling matched with the OJ flavor makes it a great choice for a summer day/ wake n bake.

Overall: 9.5/10

Definitely recommend this one to any sativa fans- I know that Tangie can be a bit controversial, but this strain is delicious and smacks.

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