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Blue City Diesel Live Rosin by Farmer and the Felon - Strain Review

First impressions and visuals: 9.0/10

Blue City Diesel is a Sativa leaning strain cross of Blueberry and NYC Diesel from an unknown breeder. This rosin is a wet badder, with a nice slick sheen of terps over top of a medium-light badder. It is soft and scoops like room temp butter, making it easy to work with. Testing:

Total THC: 74.72%

Total Cannabinoids: 80.07%

Total Terpenes: 7.74%

Smell/Taste: 9.0/10

Strong flavor of blueberry mixed with florals and a slight diesel funk. The smoke is smooth, and a small dab produced 7-8 hits off my Puffco peak at low temp. Sweet diesel + blueberry aftertaste. Very slight harshness.

Effects: 8.8/10

Focused, energizing Sativa effects, which come on immediately, and build to a peak within 5-10 minutes. Definitely a good daytime dab, or one to use when doing creative work or enjoying the outdoors. Medium-long duration.

Overall: 8.9/10

Potent, flavorful rosin at a great price point.

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